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Fashion designer welcome to custom design service for special occasions



Design oriented dress alteration

In the vision of design to alter the dress in best proportion and style. 

Add lace, 3Dflowers , bring up waist and change neckline besides the basic alterations. 

Bridal Accessory design

Custom design jacket(lace/tulle ) as an addional piece to your gown As well as creating over skirt , creating extra layers , add straps,design veils and capes to make your dream come true .

Custom design

Custom design reception dress, city hall registration wedding dress and alternative wedding gown that are unique and trendy. 

Dress rental

Cocktail dresses , evening gowns, special designed wedding dress rental for your last minute resource. 

Upgrade Design from something old

Transform  your  wedding  gowns  to   everyday  classic  look  so  you  can  keep  them  in  your  closet  forever ;  moderne  your  older  generation wedding  dress  into  the  trend .  


  •  How can I pay deposit without knowing if the look is going to suit me?

After one hour consultation, we will create demo piece for you to put on without paying deposit, you can roughly get an idea. There are many small pieces in studio that you can mix and match to play with the look in order to get an confident idea. 

  • How long does it need for my dress alteration?

Depends on when will you need it, it can be as quick as one week. 

  • I purchaced a simple dress that doesn’t look high end., can you make it look more like high end?

It can not be guaranteed as the dress difference mostly results in variation of fabric. However, there are possibilities to add lace, get rid of structure or change lining to give it more edgier and trendiertouch.